Please note that spares may only be purchased by members of the Rochdale Owners Club and that prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact the spares officer for the latest prices.



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    DESCRIPTION Price, £
    Doors to order POA
    Bonnet to order POA
    Front windscreen, toughened glass £80.00;
    Rear screen, 5mm clear Acrylic (Not interchangable with Riviera) £155.00;
    Headlamp adapter (has clear glass cover - takes modern light units) £37.50 (same as Olympic)


    DESCRIPTION Price £ ROC part No.
    Complete body shell front end POA


    Dashboard instrument binnacle (to order)


    Complete exhaust system in 304 stainless steel
    (ex manifold)
    Front sub frame to original spec £320.00
    Rear shock absorbers - Woodhead (new stock) £80.00 (pair)


    Bonnet hinges Nil Stock


    Rear suspension doughnut (rubber) £4.25 RS 11
    Anti-roll bar end - metal/rubber
    £12.50 RS 6M
    Rear axle rod end bar end - metal/rubber £35.00
    Vertical Trunnion Seal

    Horizontal Trunnion Seal

    Track Rod End Seal

    Front Hub Seal

    Polyurethane Suspension Bushes:
    Shock absorber upper (need a pair per shock) £9.87 (pair) RS 1
    Shock absorber lower £9.87 RS 5
    "Panhard" rod axle end £9.87 (pair) RS 1
    Front suspension inner bush £5.64 (pair) RS 9
    Front suspension upper bush £6.72 (pair) RS 8
    Anti-roll bar saddle bush (for 16mm dia. bar) £9.87 (pair) RS 8
    Anti-roll bar end & rear axle rod £4.15 RS 6P


    DESCRIPTION Price, £ ROC part No.
    Subframe (to original spec., powder coated) £350.00  
    Complete exhaust system in stainless steel
    (excludes manifold & front pipe)
    nil stock


    Exhaust Front Pipe (if required) £35.00  
    Front & Rear springs in stainless steel £45.00 (pair)


    AVO Front Shock Absorbers £70.00 (each)  
    AVO Rear Shock Absorbers £85.00 (each)  
    Trailing arm painted black £245.00
    Trailing arm bush (Rubber, not Polyurethane) £35.00 RS 10

    Polyurethane Suspension Bushes:
    Front suspension wishbone
    (4 pairs needed for each side)
    £26.83 kit of 4 (pair) RS 2
    Anti-roll bar link upper £9.87 (pair) RS 1
    Anti-roll bar saddle bush (for 15.5mm dia. bar) £9.87 (pair) RS 4
    Front shock absorber bush upper £6.72 (pair) RS 7
    Rear shock absorber bush upper £6.72 (pair) RS 7
    Rear shock absorber lower £9.87 (pair) RS 1
    Panhard rod body end £9.87 (pair) RS 1
    Panhard rod axle end £9.87 RS 3
    Rear axle locating arm
    (torque reaction arm)
    £9.87 RS 5



    Price, £

    Roof section (New Item) POA
    Body Panels: All of the outer panels are now available in "repair quarters" (i.e. front-nearside, front-offside, rear-nearside, etc). Please contact the spares officer to discuss your requirements. Note: Complete bodies are NOT available.
     Wheel arches
    (to restore cut away arches to standard)
    Riley gearbox parts: Clutch release arm gaiter
    Front pinion shaft oil seal
     Rear tail shaft oil seal
     Front cover gasket
     Side cover gasket
    Morris Minor gearbox gasket set
    Riley axle parts:  Pinion oil seal
     Differential gasket
     Hub oil seal
     Hub 'O' ring
     Hub gasket
    Steering rack gaiters Nil Stock (pair)
    Brake Cylinders:  Wolseley 1500 n/s & o/s front
     Wolseley 1500 rear
     Riley 1.5 n/s & o/s front
     Riley 1.5 rear

     Riley 1.5 rear, dust cover kit



    Headlamp adapter  (has clear glass cover - takes modern light units - also fits GT)

    Note: the headlamp rims have now all been re-chromed - hence the rise in price - since the originals, although new, were rust-prone. We cannot re-chrome old units.

    Nil stock
    Window winder handle  (includes pins) £8.00
    Pins for above £0.35
    Stop/tail lamp* L551/D
    Rear indicator lamp* L539/B
    Front indicator lamp* L488/B
    * No longer a stock item. They are available from Holden Vintage (01885 488488) under the above part Nos.but check that the L551 is the correct pattern with the twin filament bulbs and integral reflector.
    Reversing lamp £45.00 2nd hand
    Door hinge (comes with pilot hole for bush) £22.00
    Door hinge bushes  (for one hinge and are special oversize bushes) £22.00
    Door glasses, either 4mm or 5mm £17.50 each
    Interior door release handle
    Front windscreen, laminated (to be collected by purchaser) £185.00   
    Rear screen, 4mm clear Acrylic, double-curvature (to be collected by purchaser) £155.00   
    Screen rubbers (3.3m for front & 2.7m for rear) £4.29 per metre
    Filler strip for above (Chrome) £3.80 per metre

    Rear quarterlight, 5mm clear Acrylic £26.42
    Rear quarterlight seal (3.0m for car) £2.49 per metre
    Gearbox mounting Nil stock
    Bumpers £230.00 (set of 4)
    Chassis plates in aluminium £5.50
    "Rochdale Olympic" car badges Aluminium lettering, Black background £18.00

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